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2016 is around the corner. Are you digitally ready?

The new year is fast approaching and that means new year’s resolutions, budget reviews and marketing plans. Is the digital health of your business part of your new year’s plans? If not, there is still time to take inventory of how you will be addressing any digital opportunities your business currently faces.

Like many businesses, yours is likely in one of the following stages. 1) We are exactly where we need to be! 2) We are not there yet but we have a detailed plan laid out and are excited to set it into motion. 3) There are certainly areas we can improve on but not sure where to start. or…4) We don’t know what we don’t know. Help!

If you fall in one of the fist two scenarios, 2016 will surely be successful and productive year full of growth but don’t worry, if you fall into the last two categories, there is still hope…and time. Below is a list of questions you can ask yourself in order to begin planning for a stellar 2016.

  • What kind of digital experience are we providing our customers?
  • Is our website mobile-friendly?
  • Do we send out responsive/mobile-friendly emails?
  • Does our social media engage our audience or just talk at them?
  • Is our website working 24/2 to grow our business?

These questions are meant to get you thinking about your audience and your strategy to provide them them same level of service you surely provide them in person.

We would be more than happy to help you answer any of these questions for you or provide feedback on your plan!